Affordable Granite Countertops in Scottsdale, AZ

A beautiful countertop is the focal point in every family’s kitchen. Many homeowners know the terrible eyesore that is an outdated and inefficient countertop. Unfortunately, many homeowners shy away from countertop renovations because they think they can be costly and lengthy. This is not the case when you team up with us.

At XLT Construction Inc., we will work with you to design the ideal countertop renovation for your needs. No extra costs or time wasted, when we take on a project, we are highly efficient and get the job done on time. We believe that having an honest, open and reliable relationship with our clients is what has kept XLT Construction Inc. Scottsdale’s #1 trusted granite countertop specialist for many years.

Benefits of Installing Granite Countertops

At XLT Construction Inc., we have many years’ experience working with different types of countertop materials in the Scottsdale area. We favor granite due to its good looks and durability. Here are some reasons why a granite countertop can be the right choice for your Scottsdale home:

Easy to Clean, Stainless Surface
Granite is not a porous material, which means it does not absorb stains. Unlike marble and wood, the surface of a granite countertop is easily cleaned with a simple wipe. It will not absorb any pigmentation from food or other objects placed upon it. Most messes can be easily cleaned with warm water and a cloth.

Resilient to Heat
Because granite is a natural sturdy stone processed at a high temperature, it is resilient to high temperatures. Unlike finicky wood or marble countertops, a hot pan placed on a granite surface will not damage it. Therefore, granite countertops are more durable and suitable for households with children and teens, who are prone to making silly mistakes in the kitchen.

Due to its high resistant to heat, easy cleanup, and non-porous structure, it is a very sanitary work surface. Our countertops can easily be contaminated since it is the most popular place in the home to prepare food and process raw ingredients. A sanitary countertop is very important in keeping your family safe and your kitchen clean and workable.

Granite is an affordable solution to your kitchen needs. It is study, easy to cut and install. Once it is sealed it is good to go. It is more affordable than marble and expensive wood grains. It doesn’t require much maintenance and only has to be re-sealed on average once a year. This saves you the money and hassle to constantly be repairing scratches and chips!

Granite is a beautiful stone that comes in many colors. Color palettes range from blue, grey, green to orange and mahogany. Ask our Scottsdale specialist more about the granite colors and styles we have available for your home!

Granite vs. Marble Countertops

We have dealt with many different clients in Scottsdale who are in the market for new countertops and are torn between granite and marble. Marble and granite countertops both have natural esthetic qualities that complement virtually any interior design you have done or plan to do. Since granite and marble are made by nature, each piece is completely unique. So, what’s the difference between these two materials? They are both stone, aren’t they? How different can they be when they are transformed into countertops.

True, they are both stone but there are some important differences you need to be aware of before you make your investment. Marble is typically used for bathroom vanity tops, Jacuzzi tops and fireplaces. The team at XTL Construction Inc. doesn’t recommend that you install marble countertops in your kitchen due to the fact that they are easy to scratch. Worse, acidic substances like vinegars, ketchups, citrus juice and other kitchen mainstays can all have a negative effect on it. Plus, the high-gloss of marble may be lost as many chemicals etch its surface.

Granite, on the other hand, is considered to be the second hardest stone known to man. As a result, most granite will be not affected by household acids, scratching by knives and heat from pots and pans. So, if you were considering getting marble countertops for your kitchen, trust us when we say that you would be making a big mistake if you went down this road. Sure, you can let the debate rage as to whether it makes more sense to outfit your bathroom with granite or marble countertops, but at least for your kitchen countertops you shouldn’t consider anything but granite.

If you need help determining whether marble or granite countertops are better for your bathroom, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have a ton of experience working with both materials and we will be happy to impart whatever professional advice we can.

The Pits in Your Granite Countertops

It’s not uncommon to see some small pits on the surface of a granite slab. These pits are formed during the polishing process, when some of the weaker components of granite flake off from the surface.

We understand that the knee jerk reaction to these little pits is to declare the granite defective. Truth is, there is nothing wrong with pits in your granite countertops. It doesn’t make it any structurally less sound. The only problem is when people decide to take matters into their own hands and attempt to fill in the pits. No compound can adequately or permanently fill these spaces without visually detracting from the surface of the stone.

If pits in your granite countertops is an absolute deal breaker, just let us know in advance and we will be extra vigilant to make sure that the granite countertops we provide you with are free from any pitting whatsoever. The people of Scottsdale know that they can trust XLT Construction Inc. to always go the extra mile because that’s how committed we are to customer satisfaction.

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